Podcasts I listen to

I constantly have my iPod in my ear. I have a 1st generation Nano iPod! I run with it and work with it and drive with it and are nearly addicted to it. You will always find most of the following podcasts on it:

– So You Want to be a Writer: I love, love, love Val and Alison. They are incredible people and such amazing podcasters. Every week they have interesting comments/articles from all around the web about anything writing related; from journalism to fiction, authors to non-fiction, publishing and learning about writing.

A Way With Words: On average it is about an hour long but I don’t mind. Every week new words enter my vocabulary from this podcast. Absolutely love it.

Writing Excuses: It is just 15 minutes long on average but it is so helpful. They talk mostly about the very craft of writing. Sometimes about nitty gritty details about building tension or creating flowing dialogue or crafting description. Love, love, love it.

KM Weiland: Katie is a master at breaking writing down into the nuts and bolts. I’ve learned about arc and plot and tension and dialogue and scenes etc from this very amazing writer and teacher.

History of English Podcast: I love languages. And when I started listening to this podcast I was just blown away how far languages have come since so many many centuries ago. All the aspects that caused languages to develop and evolve into the wealth of languages we have now of which English is just a fraction. Because of this podcast I’ve decided to learn about linguistics and Endo-european languages.

I have gardening and running and crafting and entrepreneurial podcasts lined up as well to listen but I think these are enough for now.

Which podcasts do you listen to?

Please leave a comment. I love hearing your experiences and opinions.

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