My books

My stories are only available through Amazon’s KU and a few audiobooks through Audible. Please click through to every book’s page for more information.

Short Stories Series

A Day of Celebration (Short Story 1)

A Genocide (Short Story 2)

Beauty and the Vampire (Short Story 3)

Pebble in my Brick (Short Story 4)

Walking the Pages (Short Story 5)

Appointment to Die (Short Story 6)

Sweet Historical Romance Novelettes

Frances & Gilbert (Book 1)

Jack & Jool (Book 2)

Zara & William (Book 3)

Marcus & Alex (Book 4) coming soon…

Assassins & Guardians

Valentia (Book 1) coming soon…

Michael (Book 2) coming soon…

Ruby (Book 3) coming soon…

Gabriel (Book 4) coming soon…

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