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Which books am I reading for the next 2 months at least?

Hi everybody! I hope all is well. With lockdowns announced, lockdowns rumoured and lockdowns fought, 2021 is otherwise quiet and like any other day. In my ‘year in review’ post, I mentioned my plan to start reading through our personal library. Then I discovered that Chantel at An Intentional Life called out a similar initiative… Continue reading Which books am I reading for the next 2 months at least?

Updates and feedback

Progress! Zara & William (Sweet Historical Romance Novelette) Book 3

Hi everybody! Our holiday town is a buzz during this holiday. Most of the city folk changed their plans to holiday inland now that the beaches are closed. Our local economy is definitely not complaining. We know by now to rather avoid shopping in this time. Or shop when we know traffic is less. I… Continue reading Progress! Zara & William (Sweet Historical Romance Novelette) Book 3

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Sweet Historical Romance Series: setting

I hope you are safe and sound wherever you are. All is well here. Most things are open now. Other than compulsory mask wearing and sanitisng hands along with proper social distancing, life is back to normal. If you've been following me somewhere on social media or here on this website, you will know that… Continue reading Sweet Historical Romance Series: setting

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Random ramblings…

Good morning everybody! May you be warm (if you live in my valley) or cool (if you live in the summary parts) where ever you may be this morning. My mind has been a bit of a scatter the past few weeks. Hectic work demands. Ridiculous family demands. And somewhere in between, you find me...… Continue reading Random ramblings…

Updates and feedback

Ramblings daily…

Well halo there! I haven't been on here in quite a while. Other than refreshing my 'This Month in History' posts, my poor blog fell by the wayside. Quite a bit happened though. Not justifying my absence but just so you know. I used to be a homeschool mama (I guess my bio needs an… Continue reading Ramblings daily…