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Show I Watched: Shadow & Bone

Halo beautiful peeps!

I’m not a TV fanatic. I love movies though.

Mind you, I think I tell you this every time…

Anyways, I binge watched my way through Shadow & Bone on Netflix a week or two ago. I actually wanted to read or at least listen to the book first but I didn’t.

DISCLAIMER: spoilers probably guaranteed below.

Here’s the official trailer from Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet:

Official Trailer

The fantastical and magical side of the series really intrigued me. Although it’s based on the normal: Baddy in charge. Good discovered by accident. Hidden prophecy know to everyone BUT the protagonist. Good balanced on the knife point of life. Good wins in the nic of time. Sequel set up right at the end…

It’s still a good story.

Not from my reader/viewer point of view but from my closet cosplayer!


The creators of this series did a brilliant job at showing the different groups of people. Much like the Divergent creators. You have the normal slums look and feel with browns and worn clothes. Where as the powerful magical blokes wear fabulous richly colored and embroidered gowns.

Cos-player back in the closet…

The one downside to this series was that it felt incredibly slow and vague for about the first two or three episodes. I’m a bit of a completionist nerd so I wrestled through these episodes.

Eventually the tension and adventure picked up which was great. And then it ended… not funny.

The ending felt incredibly abrupt and blunt. Which made me feel disappointed and let down. And a bit disgusted with the whole story.

Those that read the books before the series, was the books a bit more balanced? I guess I want to know if the energy flowed or was it as stunted as in the series?

Back to the series. Other than the baddy and his mom, most of the actors were new to me. A lovely change and refreshing.

It doesn’t have a huge cast of characters but the normal necessary extras. I was a bit confused with the roles of some the extras.

For instance, there was a witch captured early on. Yes, she was supposed to meet up with the other group of characters but didn’t. Then suddenly she was connected to the baddy. Okaaayyy? Why? How? What was she supposed to be in the story?

Whenever I have to soothe myself with we’ll see in the sequel, then I’m immediately upset.

In The Golden Compass and Eragon, I also had to wait for the sequels which were never made!! Thankfully His Dark Materials saved The Golden Compass for me.

Not funny though.

By the way, His Dark Materials is brilliant and quite dark. Maybe I should give you my opinion about it at some stage…

In short, if you like fantasy, the magical, a little bit of steam-punk, this is a good watch. I’ll probably still give it a three and a half to four stars.

This is Rotten Tomatoes opinion.

Let me know what you thought about it. And please let me know if you read the books.

Until next time sweet peeps!

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