Show I Watched

Show I Watched: She-Wolves: England’s Early Queens

Hi there!

I wanted to share another show I watched. This time a history one. About women nonetheless. Not that there’s anything wrong with the guys. You rock! And if you know of a show like this, please let me know. Back to the show.

What a fabulous show!

Dr Helen Castor introduces us to some of England’s early queens. I’m talking about the queens from Tudor times.

Here’s the blurb from IMBD:

Historian of the medieval period, Helen Castor, presents an in depth and insightful series covering England’s early Queens, from the High Middle Ages with Eleanor and get daughter-in-law Eleanor of Aquitane, through the Late Middle Ages with Isabella of France and Margaret of Anjou and finishing with Lady Jane Grey, Mary I and Elizabeth I.

Below is a preview on Vimeo:

I watched it on Netflix but it’s not available there at the moment. and BBC Four also aired it a while ago. For now you can find the episodes on YouTube in episodes:

Dr Castor is both historian and lecturer on the subject of medieval and Tudor.

This series only aired 3 episodes which was unfortunate.

If you’re rather a reader, please find the book on Amazon or other outlets.

I think that’s it from me for now.

Until next time!

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