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New writing vlog & announcement

Hi everybody

Welcome to my blog. What a crazy time I’ve had. But as always an adventure.

Book 4, SHRN

It’s been a while since I gave you updates on book 4 in my Sweet Historical Romance Novelette series.

Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve given any news, maybe just the writing vlogs from the sprints.

But I’m happy to say that the rough draft is finally done and in the process of review and editing. So look out for the cover, blurb and such in the coming weeks.

Book 1, new series

In this video I’ve started plotting and planning Book 1 in my new series of novellas!! Whoohoo!

This series will follow my character, Agnes, as she solves mysteries.

Yes, you’ve guessed it. This series will be cozy mysteries! And I’m so excited about it.

In this video I referred to the One Page Novel Plot plan from Eva Deverell. It’s a fascinating way to plot a story. From here I’ll follow a few more guides to build and flesh this series out.

Thank you for your feedback

From some feedback on my Sweet Historical Romance Novelette series, I know that I need to plot and plan my stories a lot more. I’m so grateful for my readers feedback. Absolutely worth gold to me!

What happened to my A&G series?

On my My Books page I have four books ‘coming soon…’. It’s safe to say for years.

But why have I not written this series?

In short, it doesn’t want to be finalised. Yet. This series is halfway written though. But just not finalised.

For now I’ll just leave it as is.

That is it for today.

Thank you for visiting.

Until next time