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Bye bye 2020! 2021 plans

Hi everybody!

2020 is done. Halleluja!

I tried to remember what I planned for 2020 but I honestly can’t remember.

I know for a fact ‘stay alive’ was a thought but it had nothing to do with COVID. It was just a plain crappy place in my head.

Like quite a lot of people, this year made everything go topsy turvy for me. Which is not always a bad thing. Just uncomfortable.

– What I did achieve this year was complete 3 manuscripts of which 2 books were published on Amazon, Kobo and Apple Books. The 3rd should go live by the end of January 2021. I also have a 4th manuscript in progress which would hopefully go live in February or March.

This was completely unplanned! But a happy achievement.

– Secondly I learned to play the ukulele! It’s fun! I used Andy’s Guitar’s 10 day ukulele lessons.

– The last thing that happened is that I’ve become a lot more clear of what I want in life. I know I have far to go still, but it’s more of a reality.

I’m not a goals person but there’s some things I’ve thought about working on this year.

– The 1st thing was actively reading through our personal library of books. Probably not every book because we do have a lot and a wide variety. But basically shop from my bookshelves!

Chantel at an Intentional Life on YouTube had a challenge like that this year and she called out a similar one for 2021.

Writing Vlogs

– The 2nd thing I want is keep up the writing vlogs I started now in December 2020. Maybe even play around with getting myself more in front of the camera. But my intention is to document my progress through writing my books.

– The last thing I would like to do is buy a piano! Yes, you guessed it, I love playing instruments. I have a guitar and violin to play with in the meantime next to the ukulele. At some stage I’ll add saxophone and harmonica to my skills but not 2021.

– I didn’t spell it out, but the last thing I want to spend a lot of effort on is writing my books and getting them published. I think I need 30 lifetimes for all the story ideas I have!

Now that is it from me.

Do you have plans for 2021? Or did you fix goals for yourself already?

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