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Progress! Zara & William (Sweet Historical Romance Novelette) Book 3

Hi everybody!

Our holiday town is a buzz during this holiday. Most of the city folk changed their plans to holiday inland now that the beaches are closed.

Our local economy is definitely not complaining. We know by now to rather avoid shopping in this time. Or shop when we know traffic is less.

I sound like an old fart!

Anyways, this time allows me the focussed time to finish this series. To the point where Book 3 is in the last push before I’ll send it off to my precious BETA readers.

By the way, if you are interested in becoming part of my BETA reader team, please submit it here. Your information is safe with me. And you’re not signing on for anything else if you submit your details.

Business out of the way, back to the progress I made.

I started recording the last few sessions of editing and thought I would make it available on my YouTube channel! My oldest refers to the vlogs as ‘documenting’ so that’s what I choose to think of it: documenting my writing and editing process.

Here’s the latest vlog for you to enjoy in my editing process:

I will be revealing the cover for Zara & William to my email list before the end of the week so if you’re curious, please subscribe to my email list. Otherwise you have to wait until the new year!

That’s it from me for today!

Thanks for reading.