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Nothing like a puzzle to…

I love puzzles. Do you?

They are the most frustrating things ever

But it’s incredibly satisfying when the pieces fall in place one after the other.

For the love of puzzles

I prefer Ravensburger puzzles. 

They are also perfectly complete. The pieces are strong and every piece fits snug into the next piece. Some puzzles have pieces that wiggle around even after it slots into the next piece. Or the pieces peel apart like baked pastry dough! The current brand is ‘Home’ Magazine’s limited edition. And I’m not impressed. But it is beautiful garden scapes which gives me the right challenge I want. Also, you can send your pics to them and they print it into a puzzle! Neat, right?

My oldest was the one that set me on this path of obsessive puzzle building…

Yes, you read right. My oldest teenage boy decided to pull our crate of puzzles out of hibernation to kill some time. Come to think of it, he had to study for his IGCSE physics and math exams… Do you also get the idea that I got hoodwinked?

Building puzzles have a specific order. Do you have an order?

  • First I find the sides and the corners
  • Build the frame. I actually have a puzzle in which the same two pieces are switched around without fail…
  • Now I sort the pieces according to either the prominent colours or specific subjects in the puzzle. This last puzzle had two or three prominent subjects but one of the subjects was EVERYWHERE! Ugh.
  • Next I try to connect the pieces of subjects that I build. In my ideal puzzle building dream, I manage to build a cross that cuts the puzzle in quarters. Like I said, my dream puzzle
  • Finally I fill in the rest.

Some practical habits that we adopted

Currently the fingerboard board is working as a puzzle building board. It has ridges to keep pieces from vanishing in the abyss of persion rug or dog mouths. We repurposed two cubes that moonlight as coffee side tables for chairs and move them around the board instead of moving the board. I build right under a light and in short bursts of times. Otherwise I just might throw the puzzle across the room with frustration!

Elements of the puzzle coming together

I dream of building a 5000 piece puzzle…

These puzzles that I’m attempting now are 500 piece puzzles. I have a Venice scene that’s 1000 pieces. And I’m contemplating an Africa puzzle now that’s either 1000 or 1500. But not bigger. 

Guess why not?

I don’t have space… I know.

And, the big ones tend to be ugly… 

It’s a low energy stress reliever

I’m in a particularly low energy slump for the past month and a half. It’s quite difficult because I am actually not a low energy person. Usually I would run or exercise to relieve stress.

I found that building puzzles seem to be perfect for what I need now. How funny that we discover things right when we need it. 

Do you build? Do you find it stressful or relaxing?

Let me know if this is a hobby you practice or is it a dying time waster?

Until next time!