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Sweet Historical Romance Series: setting

I hope you are safe and sound wherever you are. All is well here. Most things are open now. Other than compulsory mask wearing and sanitisng hands along with proper social distancing, life is back to normal.

If you’ve been following me somewhere on social media or here on this website, you will know that I’ve been writing my way through sweet historical romance novelette series.

Book 1 in the series is Frances & Gilbert. It’s currently available everywhere. The audiobook and the Afrikaans translation is in progress and taking a bit longer than I initially planned.

For more information and progress on this book, please keep an eye on the book page of this book.

I received quite a few questions about this series from my BETA readers and other readers and I thought I would answer these in a bit more detail.

One of the questions were about the setting and time period.

I deliberately refrained from spelling out a setting and I wanted to let the dialogue and dress and actions show the time period. More or less. But I thought I would give you some background here.

In short, this series is set in the Cape Colony at the Southern point of Africa during the early 1800’s. From my school days, we learned a version of the history. Luckily, the times that we live in, allows for more information to be available, creating a more rounded story. Along with the good, the bad and the ugly.


The culture, families, background and community were a mix of Dutch, French, British, Malay and local. My family hailed from Germany and Portugal, two nations whose people took a chance on a better life.

By the time that my characters start their lives, the Cape Colony saw multiple wars, hardship from both the elements and the local people as well as a lack of skill and knowledge in building a life. I guess you could call it a type of on-the-job-training!

In Frances & Gilbert’s story, Frances’ father was a captain in the British military. His career took him through various wars in Europe on behalf of the crown. Most probably the Napoleonic Wars as well as the local wars between the British and the Dutch for power of the Cape Colony. Gilbert served under Captain Snowley during the local clashes. Otherwise Gilbert would be very old in this story… I did take liberty with history since there was no Snowley captain during either of the wars. And also no Parsons.

In Book 2, Jack & Jool, you will meet Captain Walter Mason. The ‘good’ captain served in the British military as well. Since the British were in multiple wars, I decided he would be a good candidate to be part of the crown’s other colonialisations. Maybe India or elsewhere.

The elements in the Cape of Storms made a good side plot in Jack & Jool when Jool and her horse, played a type of Wolraad Woltemade and his horse Fleur, a local legend that saved sailors from certain death in 1773.

Most of the characters and their families were either send from their European countries to help establish the presence of their respective governements or to plain carve out a better life for themselves.

This is how Victor Tredoux from Book 3, Zara & William, and his family ended up in the Cape Colony. The Tredoux estate is one of the many farms that were allocated to various families in an effort to either grow food for the Dutch East Indian Company. Once again, I took creative liberty here.

Zara, in Book 3 is loosely based on the story of a slave woman in the Cape Colony. Unfortunately the document where I saved my research went corrupt and I can’t mention her by name. Hopefully at some stage I will stumble on her story again. Back to Zara. I wondered what would have happened if this slave woman had some miraculous wonderful backstory. And there Zara was born. Slavery was abolished in the Cape Colony during the 1830’s. Before it was eventually abolished, some laws came into being to protect the slaves from abuse. Women like Lea and Rachel’s stories are found everywhere. As is Sara ‘Saartjie’ Baartman’s.

In Book 4, Marcus & Alexandra, Alex is a stowaway. The Cape Colony came to being as trading post for the Dutch East India Company. Many many ships travelled from Europe around Cape Point, up to India or East India.

Many young men searched for their riches and glory on these incredible ships and the trecherous routes but met their demise to keep up with the notorious name of the fair Cape of Storms. Numerous ship wrecks litter the seabed around Cape Point to this day. It’s exactly in one of those storms that Wolraad Woltemade (above) died.

And this is it for the setting of this series of books.

Comment below if you have any questions about the setting for this Sweet Historical Romance Series.

What else do you want to know about this series of books? Let me know.

Please leave a comment. I love hearing your experiences and opinions.

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