Book Release

Frances & Gilbert went live!

Hi everybody!

I hope you are safe and sound.

Last week I announced my 1st story in how long!

It’s finally live!

Gilbert Parsons’ life of privilege feels artificial, frivolous and empty.
Frances Snowley shows him just how much when they meet for the first time.

Frances’ life is turned upside down when both her parents die in a short period of time.
She’s confronted by the bureaucracy of society when she’s required to take a husband.

In each other they will have exactly what they both want and need.
But conspiracy, social demands and time seem to have a different plan.

Will they choose marriage-of-convenience or marriage-of-love?

The ebook is available on Amazon.

Unfortunately it’s too short for a paper book but I will launch it in an omnibus in paper format in about a month’s time.

For those of you that love audiobooks, it’s in production! I hope to make that available soon.

And then, it will also be available in Afrikaans. That makes me really excited!

For now it’s only available on

I will keep you up to date as it becomes available elsewhere.

Thank you for reading this story.

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