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Blogaversary! 9 years old!

This blog is a full 9 years old today!

This domain evolved over the years from a travel blog. At some stage a wordy blog. Obviously a book blog! Then the history posts. And now just me.

It went from a wordpress.com blog to a custom domain website, back to a wordpress.com blog. If you want to know why, read here.

Before this blog I had about 3 or 4 other blogs! There was a homeschool blog, a foodie blog, AKA a recipe book on the web and then this blog’s forerunner with the name thisadventurecalledlife.wordpress! Somewhere in between was a craft blog of some sort as well. What I should add is that these blogs were all on Blogger! But WordPress just sounded so much better. Sorry Blogger. The rumors were true. And my love affair with blogging started back in 2009! I didn’t realize that I might have been one of the early adopters!

Ultimately it should be my author blog. A place where my readers and other authors can share my journey.

At present it’s just fun! Which is the pat of blogging that I like. Not building email lists or luring buyers for my books. Fun. That’s always been the thing I liked about blogging.

Anyways, so happy blogaversary to me! And to you my readers, thank you for sharing this journey with me.

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Until next time!