Show I Watched

Show I Watched: Tales from the Royal Wardrobe

Welcome back!

I think it’s Blursday here… how fascinating it is when one day just flows into the next!

I do however still have a day job so it’s not as if I can loose track of time but just something small out of routine like the neighbors putting their garbage out on Tuesday instead of Wednesday and there one day just vanishes!

Lockdown and Covid-19 was not part of this post…

What I do want to write about is this documentary I watched with hubby. I think it was on Amazon Prime. It’s called ‘Tales from the Royal Wardrobe’. And it’s exactly what it sounds like.

Full of history, beautiful recreations of apparel from way back when and sharp and witty commentary by the fabulous Dr Lucy Worsley. I absolutely love her work.

Read Dr Worsley’s own words about this documentary.

IMBd series

Here is a preview:

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Until next time!

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