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I moved back!

Welcome to my old readers. Welcome to my new readers!

I moved back to my .wordpress.com blog from my own domain at http://www.annecwestauthor.com.

Now you’re probably going to ask me why.

I started blogging way back when! Probably 2009? Not quite sure. I’ve had many blogs over the year. This is the one I’ve had the longest. And I loved blogging. I loved it when it was just about blogging. When we all just put our wonky pics and odd words up. I remember the many diary type blogs that went around,

I think one of the first blogs I started reading was a homeschool blog by ‘Wendy’. A homeschool mama from a Cape Town. She had a blog that was all about growing her family’s vegetables, cooking it and then blogging about it. She looked perfect! To top it all she had this impressive repertoire of business woman and domestic goddess! I felt so pathetic next to this iron woman.

Then I discovered Se7en plus one from Fishhoek also in Cape Town. She was all about raising her kiddoes, schooling them, reading the most amazing books, crafting the most amazing crafts and cooking incredible meals. O the green eyes monster!

Off on a tangent I go… again. I wanted blogs like theirs and I wanted lives like theirs. I wanted to write like they did and I wanted the following they had.

It’s always amazing how we get lost in the noise. All I wanted to do was actually write. I wanted to write non-fiction and fiction. I wanted to write real life articles and use my blog to showcase my ability with words but instead I tried to replicate what I found, I wanted to throw myself into the throws of short stories on my blog but it seemed nobody did it!

And so I missed the fun of blogging. Yes, fun. It’s fun to just write posts without fancy pics and SEO words. It’s fun to explore a topic as it pops into your head. The beauty of blogging for me is not the statistics and the following. It’s the freedom of words.
I can probably say the same about social media. Social media is just fun. It’s fun to browse through Instagram. My favorite time is on the toilet!! I know, nobody else does it… It’s fun to quickly just share a flower or bird or my beautiful whippets. It’s fun to share a quote from a book or famous person, it has no income generating purpose for me. It’s about sharing something with whomever care to read.

Like so many wannabe writers or maybe published writers, I wanted to follow the advise for platform building or authorpreneurahip to the T. What I totally missed is how my own voice vanished in the process. How I stopped writing completely as I structured every post I did. Now I am barely blogging at all.

Long winded much?

I ‘downgraded’ to take the pressure off and rediscover the fun again. Just writing. I can’t say what you will see here in future but it will definitely be a lot more writing. Just writing.

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Until next time!