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Good morning everybody!

May you be warm (if you live in my valley) or cool (if you live in the summary parts) where ever you may be this morning.

My mind has been a bit of a scatter the past few weeks. Hectic work demands. Ridiculous family demands. And somewhere in between, you find me… Doesn’t sound very appealing, right?

I’ve been on the road quite a lot. In my own car. Driving myself to work. And I had this old thought. Okay, for me it was a new one. But for you, it might be ancient.

Doesn’t driving around waste an immense amount of time? Doesn’t leaving an hour or two or half or whichever amount of distance you live away from your work, just seem like such a waste. Yes, taking the kiddos to school gives one time to chat and check in with their lives. Or driving your dad to the doctor. But I am talking about the time where you sit alone with your lonesome self in the car, staring through the windscreen at traffic in front of you. Either going the same direction as you or travelling in the opposite direction.

I work both on-site and remotely from my employer and to be quite honest, I get a lot more done when I stay home and crack on with it!

I can’t remember exactly which book it was but one of the first books I ever read on the craft of writing, was a book about writing with a busy schedule. I’m talking about full-time work, partner, kiddo, the works. And the writer referred to himself recording his stories on his commute. That is effective time management. My opinion.

Now in the work environment, imagine how much we will save and win if everybody could work remotely. Only thinking about productivity, it would definitely get my vote. Then cutting down on that anxiety only traffic brings, will get another vote from me. Not to mention the amount of vehicles could become less and cause some city planners to have at least better sleep nights instead of wondering what solutions to fabricate.

A friend of mine lives in Hong Kong with his family. He said that their commute to and from work is spend reading or facebooking or googling or whatever tickles their fancies. I can’t imagine that. If you live in a country where public transport is mainstream, then you probably won’t understand this morning’s rambling, but thanks for reading anyway.

I guess what I’m trying to say that society’s move into the virtual world holds so much more advantages. For sure, just as many challenges but it definitely gets my vote.

And I think this is it from me for now.

Thanks for reading and chat again another time.