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Halo there!

On this Sunday night all is well.

I read a post this morning from one of the myriads of blogs I browse from time to time. And this blogger is living the life. He has an online business and travels and enjoys his life on his own terms. I have however no illusions that he works hard. Because hard work is the only thing that allows us to live. Right?

Back to the message this blogger scribbled onto my screen… Life is a fascinating journey. And as all of us know, it takes you on ups and downs. Through lessons and exams. Sometimes repeat exams. I feel like repeat exams are my default. Yes, you guessed it, I am stubborn. Very. Stubborn. And therefore I take extra long to learn my lessons.

But I digress yet again…

This blogger talked about the one lesson he’s learned from his success. And no, it’s not to be organised. It’s not having a routine. It’s not balance. It’s not backup plans. It’s nothing like that. It’s gratitude.

I know, right? Gratitude.

And yes, gratitude is not something I live. Or practice. Or remember. Or find easy.

I was a bit stunned. Gratitude. His tip for success.

He went on to explain how gratitude is the number one thing that keeps him focused on positive energy. No, not the voodoo type stuff. The real thing that makes any situation just a little bit less crap.

It’s like the Law of Attraction principles. A positive mindset. A positive focus. A positive way. A positive vocabulary. That is the thing that guarantee success. And I use success very loosely there. From practical experience success seldom looks the same as what I thought it looked like many years ago.

For me now, success looks like one night of restful sleep.

Success looks like one page of words written toward my end goal of the first book in my series that’s been brewing since I was 12. It’s quite a few decades now.

Success looks like an empty food bowl of a re-flux suffering baby after dinner. And not because it ended up on the floor. Or vomited out all over mommy’s shoulder.

Success is the first pay check for a youngster that struggled to find work in a negative growing economy. Even if it is less that a pare of Nikes from last season, on special before new stock arrive.

And there I’m off on a tangent again…

I’ve been wondering today about the gratitude that he meant. An example he gave was of an email he received where the writer told him that traveling was the last thing he wanted to do. That he was quite happy with his hometown.

Instead of bending the knee to feeling just a speck of guilt, this blogger immediately latched on to his gratitude. He chooses to be grateful for being able to travel the way he does. Instead of wondering if his decision to let freedom to travel be his measure of success, he resorts to being grateful that his business gives him the freedom. And the writer of the email has the right to his own opinion.

We get…no I get so caught up in all sorts of energy instead of just sifting through all the energy for the positive energy.

Having a teenager is quite traumatic for me. And instead of enjoying this adventure in his life, I’ve been blinded by all the negative ‘consequences’ of his adventure of discovery. Instead of being grateful that he is pushing boundaries and pushing to find the best version of himself, I became bogged down with all the negative energy that flowed like a dark cloud in my mind.

I have a lot to learn. A lot to learn about gratitude and positive energy.

But I want to and I am going to.

Until next time, enjoy your week!