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Well halo there!

I haven’t been on here in quite a while. Other than refreshing my ‘This Month in History’ posts, my poor blog fell by the wayside.

Quite a bit happened though. Not justifying my absence but just so you know.

I used to be a homeschool mama (I guess my bio needs an update) but that changed last year this time. Now I’m working full time with my kiddos going to a cottage school. After 11 years of homeschooling, it’s been quite an adjustment. And not an easy one. But it’s done now.

I am a bookkeeper or accountant by trade. A few months ago my part time employment or freelance or virtual or whatever you want to call it, became permanent. It’s been good for me and bad. Good because I have a stable income. Bad, because some nonsense brought it about. It’s been a learning curve. That’s for sure. After 20 years of some easy jobs here and there, getting back into the swing of things have been an adventure.

That said, my plans of the past two years of focusing on my writing and building my readership, took a backseat. Not that I stopped writing. Instead of writing here, I’ve been writing as part of writing challenges. Maybe I can post them here… not maybe, I should definitely post them here. I posted a few of my stories on Wattpad. And some of my other stories on Amazon. I even recorded the audio books for these stories! Because I tried KDP for a while, I couldn’t list my audio books. Did you know they don’t list authors from South Africa? ACX is their audio book host (I think that’s what one would call it…) and they probably don’t have the know-how yet to work with people outside of the US, AU and EU. In time that will also change.

I also finished the first draft of the third book in my Assassins and Guardians series. No, the first and second books aren’t even written yet! Talk about doing it the wrong way around. I did however endeavor to learn plotting. I am a pantser. Have always been. But I found that writing this first draft and playing around with the first book in the series, the plot holes would be too great. Enter plotting. By just really looking at options, I’ve discovered the world of overwhelm. There are the snowflake method, then the outline, the hero’s journey and then everything inbetween! I settled on a brilliant series by Sara from Heart Breathings. She created this 8 part YouTube series in which she not only explain the beats but also how she used it in her newest series. It’s been a tremendous help but o the time…

This has been a mouth full. Thank you for reading. Until next time