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Book I Read: Confessions of a Prodigal Daughter by Sarahbeth Caplin

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In a bittersweet twist of fate, I started out “too Jewish” for my Catholic friends in elementary school, but not Jewish enough for the kids I met at summer camp, with their youth group logos and wristbands. In Israel, I didn’t feel I had the right to call myself Jewish at all. Now I was too Christian for Jews everywhere, but still too Jewish to completely fit in with my new bible study friends.

In my most pessimistic moments, I wonder if I’ll never fit in anywhere, with anyone. It’s interesting because Christians are called to be pariahs, to go against the ways of this world. But I am a special kind of pariah.

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Religious memoirs make me nervous. The debate between Jewish and Christian makes me even more nervous. And the people stuck in the middle of this debate are the ones I pity.
This author shares her sincere and honest journey as one of those stuck in the middle of this debate. I do believe she touches on the very issue so many have in their respective religions, even being raised in the religion that we practice as adults.
This is an honest read with questions and opinions cutting to the core. Those questions and opinions that the rest of us are too scared to voice.

This was a great read. Quick and witty with an overload of information to illustrate the author’s journey into a deeper revelation of her faith.

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Facebook and her website. The rest of her platform is on her website. She writes for Huffington Post, Friendly Atheist, Medium as well.

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Amazon and Loot are the only retailers I found online…

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