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Book I Read: Philosopher’s Crystal by Marcin Dolecki

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Twenty-year-old Philip lives alone in an authoritarian country, his parents arrested after the imperial police find a secret notebook in their apartment. Then one evening Philip meets an uncommon girl, her name Julia, possibly on the run from the police, or sent to him as a secret agent by the state. Despite his concerns, he offers to put her up for the night. In the morning a mysterious person knocks on his door and advises him to escape immediately. This is how the couple’s strange, paradoxical and hazardous journey begins, leading Philip and Julia in a quest through time to the collapsing Roman empire, the 17th century Amsterdam and the medieval Indian jungle. During their travel they meet famous philosophers who confront the couple with existential questions – only to find that the answers Philip and Julia discover will help them face the ultimate danger.

What says I

I received this book to review shortly before some serious unpleasantries happened in our family… Therefore it took me forever to finish this book. And it is by no means a reflection on the story or the author. I had to restart this book multiple because I just could not focus on anything more than basic things. That said, when I started focusing, I could not put this book down. It starts slow. But it turns into a fantastical adventure!

This is a great fantasy! It weaves so many incredible philosophers from way back when together to make an incredible story. If it was not a fantasy, I would have suggested it as a living book! But don’t tell that to the traditional living book advocates… I read this in ebook but I think I want this in paperback now.

What says others

Linda’s Book Bag had an interview with the author. Another interview on Academia, Don Massenzio and Jazzy Bookreviews. The International Forum for Philosophy reviewed this book as well. I must admit, there are loads of reviews and interviews with the author all over the web!

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You can connect with the author on his website and Facebook.

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Amazon , Bookdepository , Booktopia 

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