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Book I Read: And Then I am Gone: A Walk through Thoreau by Mathias B Freese“>

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And Then I Am Gone: A Walk with Thoreau tells the story of a New York City man who becomes an Alabama man. Despite his radical migration to simpler living and a late-life marriage to a saint of sorts, his persistent pet anxieties and unanswerable questions follow him. Mathias Freese wants his retreat from the societal “it” to be a brave safari for the self rather than cowardly avoidance, so who better to guide him but Henry David Thoreau, the self-aware philosopher who retreated to Walden Pond “to live deliberately” and cease “the hurry and waste of life”? In this memoir, Freese wishes to share how and why he came to Harvest, Alabama (both literally and figuratively), to impart his existential impressions and concerns, and to leave his mark before he is gone.

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I am careful to read memoirs. Sometimes it is absolutely soul crushing. Or it becomes narcissistic.

This has been a deeply honest memoir. The author submits himself to the very psychological practices that he would probably have submitted his patients to. Since I am in the process of making my life very very simple, I definitely associated with the author’s journey to simplify his very being. As a country girl, stuck in the 21 first century with all its hi-tech and rat-race, I envy this author’s journey to a quiet life. And now I should stop talking…

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Mr Freese arranged for a huge blog tour with the release of this book. Please visit the blogs on this list on Nurture Book Tour for more opinions.

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