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Book I Read: Pagoo by Holling Clancy Holling

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Description by Rufolf Steiner College Bookstore
A detailed study of tide pool life is presented in text and pictures through the story of Pagoo, a hermit crab. A perfect story for fourth grade “Human and Animal” classes, or nature studies.The story begins…Little Pagurus- “Pagoo” for short- floated at the surface of the sea. Pagurus (Pa-gu-rus) would grow into a two-fisted Hermit Crab- if he could make it. Someday he would live near shore, walking on a sea floor of rock and sand. But before he could walk on the sea’s bottom he must drift on its top, as helpless as atiny fleck of foam…

What says I

I know I’m supposed to be the adult in this relationship but I love this book so much. Come to think of it, I like all the Holling C Holling books!

Now Pagoo is funny. This little character has so much personality! I find myself asking the little crabs on the beach, if they know pagoo… I know, right!

Pagoo take one on a journey of discovery. This book came prescribed as one of my kiddos science books and I fully understand why. This little book is choc full of facts and science but at a level where little people (and grownups) can understand.

My oldest read this book by himself and vividly retold the story while I cooked or settled down for bed. My youngest however nestled behind my arm while I read and quietly absorbed the info.

This is a brilliant book for school and leasure. For early readers or pre readers.

What says others

It seems Hope is the Word Blog discovered it through their homeschool journey as well and I daresay loves it too! And then Kirkus Review Weavings and Wild(ish) Child likes it too.

Where to buy 

Everywhere! We have a soft cover which I found at Takealot. But you can find it at AmazonBeautiful Feet Books and ‘wherever good books are sold’! There are hardcovers available but no ebooks.

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 I purchased this book. It was not a giveaway or review request or anything of the sorts. I am not told what to say, I am not paid to write any reviews or posts and all the opinions expressed are my own. None of the links are affiliated and therefore I receive no payment or shout-out whatsoever for this review.