Updates and feedback

Making diamonds…

Hi there!

It’s been a while.

I would love to say it was because of world wide travel. Or maybe a fabulous new book release!

But it was none of the above.

This year has been terrible so far. But in a sick and twisted way also a very good year.

I think it’s probably one of those years where you see the diamonds that formed from the charcoal, pressure and heat you started with.

I have to confess though, I would like to get diamonds without heat and pressure. And charcoal can be a dirty thing if it’s not meant to be fuel for a nice family ‘braai’!

I had great plans for 2018 and this blog, my stories and my novels.

On Writing…

The great advice Ray Bradbury shared with us writers, inspired me to really dig in and develop my writers voice. I even found some inspiration from Writing Therapy on Tumbler where they latched onto Ray’s suggestion to write a short story every week for a year. I managed to start strong… On My Stories page you will see some of the stories I managed to enter for the 12 Stories Writing Challenge.

Another initiative that had me really excited was the Australian Writer Centre’s Furious Fiction challenge! Anybody that knows me, know that Val and Al are just about my favorite writers, teachers, coaches, inspirational speakers, idols. Whatever you want to call them! I never even got onto that bandwagon…

Also on my My Stories page are some #99words #flashfiction challenges I did a few times on my Instagram page. I dreamed of paying forward to the amazing writing community we have there. It also suffered with the diamond making this year. I think I’ll start preparing for 2019 by finding the image I used for my challenge!

But graciously 2019 is lying ahead. And none is lost. We win some and loose some. And as writers, the millstone of life makes us better writers. With all I learned under pressure and excruciating heat this year, I look forward to see my stories and voice as writer develop.

We are currently smack in the almost middle of NaNoWriMo Month. I’ve attempted it once before. I think it was back in 2016. I didn’t win. I didn’t finish. I didn’t even write every day. What I did do was get a manuscript to around 20K words. That manuscript I finally finished in 2018! Hooray! But when I finished it to around 35K words, I realised it’s the 4th book in the series and the rest of the series started falling in place! How weird is that? Anyways, so my NaNoWriMo Month I’m using for planning out these four books. I’m dilirious about the prospect of writing a series of four books. But I’m obviously a little freaked out. I’ve never finished more than a short story or a 5K word script or an essay, let alone a few thousand word novella! And now not just one but four books! So if it looks as if I’m writing ridiculous amounts of words every day, it’s a huge planning document for four novels!

On Book Reviewing…

I became part of the team of book bloggers listed on The Book Blogger List this year. Sadly I’ve left so many fellow authors disappointed because I just couldn’t keep up with my commitment to them.

Please accept my sincerest apology for never reading your books, writing a post or writing a review. You are first on my list of books to read for the remainder of 2018 and 2019.

I have an inbox full of prospective books to review and I look forward to once again pay it forward to the writing community. There are so many other ways to pay it forward to my fellow writers, but I think I’ll take it slow. For now anyways.

On Homeschooling…

We’ve been a homeschooling family for over 10 years. In my valley, that makes me a veteran. This year all of that also changed. My sons go to a ‘cottage’ school now. Although their tutor is heaven send. Their school books are the most incredible resources. They are finally flourishing after taking an immense time to process and adapt to the new situation, I miss being a homeschool mama. I miss having my sons with me in the house the whole day. I miss having a fairly flexible routine. I miss seeing how they progress and what they mastered. I miss them. Homeschooling is hard work. It’s difficult. It’s exhausting. But it’s worth every effort and every challenge. I trust one day my sons, especially my oldest, will understand why their lives changed so radically.

I look forward to share more with you about this series events that had such an impact in my life. If I say that it changed so many things, I’m not exagerating. But for now, I’ll say cheers for now.

Thanks for reading.

Until next time


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