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Book I Read: Volcano Adventures by Willard Price

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Hal and Roger Hunt embark on an earth-shattering expedition when they join forces with world-famous volcanologist Dr Dan Adams. And as their ground-breaking research of the volatile Pacific volcanoes hots up, the brothers’ mission erupts into an awesome adventure.

What says I

What is not to love? It’s adventure, a spectacular setting, real life science and fact AND two feisty characters with their companionship running much deeper than their sibling rivalry. I read this book to my boys a few years ago, but it stayed one of my favorites.

Lucky for my adventurer self, this book as most of the rest of the Adventures books, have been dollied up and rereleased! Yay!

If you’re a Nancy Drew fan, or a Famous Five or any other adventurer fan, this book is for you. And no, it’s not just for kiddos! Why not indulge your dusty inner adventurer! And there are a whole series to get into as well.

What says others

Love Reading 4 Kids has a review. As does Goodreads. The Guardian summed the Adventure books up in a few words in 2010. Sadly that was the only reviews I could find… Do keep in mind that these books receive a lot of criticism now because of a whole lot of changes that is happening worldwide such as The Guardian highlights in this 2006 article.

Where to connect with the author

Mr Price died a great many years ago and sadly I only found a Wiki page about him. Off the Tracks dedicated a blog post to this great writer.

Where to buy this book

Everywhere! Old editions and new ones are available all around.

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