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Book I Read: The Night They Came For Til by Rebekah Lee Jenkins

The Night they came for Till by Rebekah Lee Jenkins

Description on Amazon

“The night they came for Til, they took me too.”
In the tenements of London England, 1904 is a dangerous time to be suffragettes on crusade.
Shannon’s aunt Matilda “Til” Stone, gynecologist and suffragette, believes women should have the right to birth control and self determination. After ten years spent at Til’s side, Shannon has trained as a midwife to be her right hand.
After a brutal attack that was meant to destroy their work, Shannon is shipped off to Canada to avoid the scandal around Til’s arrest.
In Oakland Manitoba, Shannon lands in a women’s rights battle that shakes the community and threatens the new hospital.
As a midwife, Shannon helps the women of the community find their voice while she finds her own.
Faced with a choice to live a normal life as a wife and mother or go back to England and crusade with her aunt, this book explores her choices and how they affect an entire community.
The Night They Came for Til is a historical fiction novel based on true events.

What says I

I did not read this book because of the #metoo or #timesup or any other feminist reasons. It is shear coincidence. This book has everything I love: historical, strong female characters, real societal issues and ridiculous political issues. My! That sounds like modern day life!! But seriously now, as the blurb mentions, it is based on true events in a time where ridiculously strong women stood up for the freedom we taste today.

If you like historical fiction that is more than a romance, pick this book up. The author did such a great job at researching the setting, the history, the issues and the characters that it was impossible to put this book down. Without realizing it, you learn so much about… now I should rather stop. Buy the book! Read it! To convince you a little bit more the author shared an Except on her website.
What says others

Soulla posted her interview with Rebekah. And Wendy May Andrews chatted with Rebekah about some other books she liked.

Where to connect with the author

I discovered this book through Instagram where Rebekah is very active. Otherwise you can find her on her blog.

Where to buy this book

I bought my copy from Amazon. I am not sure where else it is available.

The edition we read:
The Night They Came for Til by Rebekah Lee Jenkins
First edition Kindle 2017

And that is it from me for now

Until next time sweet peeps!

2 thoughts on “Book I Read: The Night They Came For Til by Rebekah Lee Jenkins

  1. Ohhhhhh! I was sent this by another author! Thank you so much for this lovely review. My next book Hope in Oakland is launching June 8. If you love strong women you will love Cora. Inspired by Canada’s first female lawyer. Thank you again. I appreciate this!


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