Wonderful Words

Words not often used 2:09

This week is as chaotic in unique words as previous weeks. Lol! Yup, no real theme here.

I haven’t had a #99words #flashfiction post on my Instagram in a while. Maybe I should make these words my prompts…hmmm I like that idea…

Anyways, enjoy with me!


– marked by or given to vehement insistent outcry; conspicuously and offensively loud; expressing or characterized by vehement opinions (e.g. he was a vociferous opponent of the takeover)


– marked by lack of a definite plan, regularity or purpose; not connected with the main subject (e.g. a desultory discussion of education in parliament)


– something hard to understand or explain; a mysterious person; an obscure speech (e.g. he is an enigma to his roommate)


– a person who shoes horses (e.g. the farrier had a biweekly appointment at the equestrian school)


– mosaic or geometric pattern work of wood used for floors, wainscoting; marquetry (e.g. with parquet floors testified from a bygone era)


– making a lot o noise; making loud demands or commands (e.g a clamorous kindergarten classroom that would try the patience of any sane adult)


– feeling sad or unhappy; hardship; an agricultural implement that levels out plowed land (e.g. her face was harrowed OR he pulled a harrow over the plowed land)


– having a lot of room; roomy; able to contain a lot (e.g. the capacious hotel room)


– a pickpocket or thief (e.g away you cutpurse, rascal)


and growin…