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Visiting London: Her Majesty’s Theatre

Both hubby and I love the theatre. Before we even landed, we knew that a visit to West End was a must! Since we were in London, Her Majesty’s Theatre sounded like the perfect choice!

This theatre is gorgeous. Other than the obvious fact that it dates from a bygone era, it is majestic and beautiful. Funny thing is, the theatre felt intimate and inviting. It is a theatre I think of fondly now.

Before the show I managed to take photo’s of the interior. Shortly afterwards they announced that no photos were permitted. Oops!

Above is the ceiling in the entrance hall of Her Majesty’s Theatre… o my word!!! I have a small fettish for ceilings. There’s many times a beautiful quilt hiding. Did I mention that I love sewing? Quilts are some of my loves. Maybe I’ll write about my own (awful) creations and those that I’ve fairly successfully managed to make. Anyways, back to our trip.

Above a view of the stage.

We were both surprised at the intimacy this theatre radiates. It seats quite a number of people but even on a night when it was sold out, we never felt crowded. I don’t like crowds of people. My level of enjoyment are directly linked to the barometer of crowd numbers linked to my brain!! Lol

From what I could make out in the dark, the theatre has at least two galleries. Notice the repeat of the green and gold from the ceiling in the entrance hall repeated everywhere in the decor of the theatre itself. With the lights all around the theatre, it screams elegance and pomp!

It dumbfounded me that the interior was dimly lit with all the lights around! I know…small things…

Something else, quite touristy, was to watch a traditional English play or opera.

Hence Phantom of the Opera!

It’s been running for so many years. The costumes are exquisite! The props are striking and very clever. And the actors are perfect for their respective roles.

I was pleasantly surprised that the music was live with a real orchestra. I could only laugh at myself. This was West End. And it was London. And it was REAL theatre! What else would they use?

I don’t know if I ever mentioned it on my blog, but other than the classics and history, I love sewing. And costumes. You know already that I love history. Therefore the costumes were a feast! When the masquerade scene rolled around, I was sitting on the edge of my seat! Mind blowing! Ingenious! Flashy! Theatrical! And a real posh masquerade setting.

If you don’t know Phantom of the Opera, do yourself a favor and get the dvd or at least just the sound track. I love it. It’s tragic but beautiful.

What says others

That Musical Theatre Nerd has seen this particular musical four times already. London Theatre 1 gives a very recent review. And Seatplan and Timeout give the show times and reviews. If you trust TripAdvisor best, here you have it.

Standard information:
Phantom of the Opera
@ Her Majesty’s Theatre, West End

Booking @ From The Box Office (be careful for scammers! There are loads!)
No need for cash, they have card facilities available for the programs, memorabilia and snacks. If you booked online like we did, you need to just give your name. We rather showed the screenshot of our online booking confirmation.

Now I’m curious, have you ever visited West End? Or maybe Her Majesty’s Theatre itself? Do you even like the theatre?

And that is it from me for now

Please leave a comment. I love hearing your experiences and opinions.

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