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Words not very often used 02:06

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Halo from my brand new spot on the world wide web. It has been a very educational experience to convert from a wordpress.com site to a self hosted site. It is not quite as similar to my wordpress.com site as I thought it would be. But alas. I am learning a lot and that is worth it to me.

I did however manage to get a list of words together for myself and you.


  • The act of committing harm or evil; a harmful or evil act
  • The quality or state of being maleficent


  • In a very bad condition because of old age or because of neglect or overuse (e.g. a decrepit old building were given a lease on life after the restoration project concluded)


  • containing a metallic element; often used to describe ores that are mined commercially (e.g. cassiterite is a metalliferous ore containing tin)


  • LITERARY a young member of a rich or important family (e.g. a scion of royal stock)
  • SCIENCE a part that is cut from a plant and fixed to another plant in order to grow there (grafting)


  • Harsh criticism or censure (e.g. the critical opprobrium generated by his films)


  • Arguments or speeches full of anger and ad feelings; caustic, biting or rancorous in feeling, language or manner (e.g. an acrimonious dispute)


  • Producing a beneficial effect: remedial (e.g. salutary influences)
  • Promoting heath: curative
  • Causing improvement of behaviors or character (e.g. a salutary reminder of the dangers of mountain climbing)


  • To deprive (a sailing vessel) of the wind necessary to move it (e.g. the schooner was becalmed in the horse latitudes for two weeks)
  • ARCHAIC to calm; pacify


  • Greed and greediness; extreme gluttony


  • The quality of being open to bribery or overly motivated by money (e.g. a government worker’s venality might lead him to exchange state secrets for cash)

And that is it for this week. I hope you will find a time and place to use some, if not all of these words.

Until next week.