Updates and feedback

I moved!

Good morning to all of you.

Find me now at Anne C West!! Whoohoo!!

I’ve been contemplating a move to my own domain for quite some time. The time just never seemed right. Do you know that feeling?

And then it dawned on me, TIME will never be right. There is always something more or something different or something better. And with a blog, the time is actually always right. So if you are contemplating a move, do it. Build your platform and your content and your presence on your own terms.

It can be an expensive exercise. Or not. Shop around. Read up. There are so many amazing people that share their experience and advice for free.

Anyways, my schedule stays the same. My blog posts will still be about books I read, fascinating words I encountered, book releases and the events from a particular month.

Thanks for reading my blog all this time. I hope you will move with me to my new home on the world wide web.

Find me now at http://www.annecwestauthor.com or Anne C West