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And 2018 has officially started!

May this be the year where you choose yourself. Be the best version of yourself. That way you will be the best for everybody else around you as well.

Our reading together as a family has slowed down significantly over December and for this year, the aim is to get my youngest to start doing his school independently. I hope to have him keep his own record of unique and wonderful words we don’t use or hear very often. I will, however, keep up my efforts to expand and enjoy my vocabulary.

And here is the very first list of ‘Words not very often used’ for 2018.



  • verb to drink alcohol (e.g. No one believes that current nondrinkers should be encouraged to start imbibing)
  • verb to listen to ideas or arguments, accept it and/or believe it to be right and true (e.g. As a clergyman’s son he’d imbibed a set of mystical beliefs from the cradle)


  • noun a manual implement for cutting grass, etc, having a long handle held with both hands and a curved sharpened blade that moves in a plane parallel to the ground
  • verb to cut grass, etc 
  • (from Small Farmers Journal)


  • archaic the pursuit of sexual gratification (e.g. not a few of them engaged in venery)
  • noun the art, sport, lore or practice of hunting, especially with hounds 


  • archaic lantern (e.g. Man had passed on, before the lanthorn finally began to burn and smoke from MAN’S LOVING FAMILY by Keith Heller)


  • archaic concerns or burdens


  • noun clothes or clothing as worn in a particular profession, a way of life, OR a covering designed to be worn on a person’s body


  • verb to mark or diversify with spots or blotches of a different colour or shade
  • noun a diversifying spot or blotch of colour


  • adverb gladly; willingly (e.g. He would fain accept it)
  • adjective content; willing (e.g. They were fain to go)
  • archaic constrained; obliged (e.g. He was fain to obey his Lord)


  • verb  to drink a beverage, especially an intoxicating one, copiously and with hearty enjoyment
  • noun an act or instance of quaffing

And that is it on my list of weird and wonderful words.

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Until next time!