Wonderful Words

Words not used very often 01:06

I read daily with my kiddos and by myself. We find many words not very common or familiar to us. Or just plain old beautiful! Usually, I just grab the dictionary or add it to my personal register of words. Enjoy


– light umbrella giving shelter from the sun (e.g. She studied the gentlemen playing cricket from under her parasol next to the field) – a widely distributed large mushroom with a broad scaly grayish-brown cap and a tall, slender stalk


– very thin, especially because of sickness or hunger (e.g. The gaunt man stood at death’s door)

– literary: empty or not attractive (e.g. His gaunt eyes looked back at the squirming child.)


– noun: a bed mattress made from a coarse cotton material, or shoddy, and filled with (usually) straw (e.g. The orphans curled up on the straw-tick in the attic)

– also used to refer to the empty mattress bag (e.g. Famine caused them to feed the last straw from the straw-tick to their prized pig)


– mathematical: a number that, when multiplied by another number, results in 1 OR an expression or function so related to another that their product is unity; the quantity obtained by dividing the number one by a given quantity (I AM NOT EVEN GOING TO TRY AND FABRICATE AN EXAMPLE!!!)

– a pronoun or verb expressing mutual action or relationship (e.g. each other)

– action or agreement involves two people or groups who do the same thing to each other or agree to help each another in a similar way (e.g. Management expressed reciprocal commitments to putting a stop to harassment of any sort in future)


– to encourage, support, or countenance by aid or approval, usually in wrongdoing (e.g. The vets abetted poachers in slaughtering rhinos and elephants)


– an act that shows that you feel sorry for something that you have done, sometimes for religious reasons


– person who has an obsessive desire for power (e.g. ‘Can a megalomaniac get bored by his own propaganda?’)

– person who suffers delusions of their own power or importance


– relating to or denoting mental images having unusual vividness and detail, as if actually visible (e.g ‘an eidetic memory’)


– a plant disease, typically one caused by fungi such as mildews, rusts, and smuts (e.g. ‘the vines suffered blight and disease’)

a thing that spoils or damages something (e.g. her remorse could be a blight on that happiness’)

the degeneration of a landscape or urban area as a result of neglect (e.g. the city’s high-rise social housing had become synonymous with urban blight’)


– Conducive to success; favourable (e.g. it was not the most auspicious moment to hold an election’)

And that is it for my list of weird and wonderful words.

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Until next time!