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Book I Read: The Abominable Mr Darcy

Description from Amazon

Mr. Darcy was an enigma… until he spoke. Then, he was the enemy.

Miss Elizabeth Bennet's eyes are instantly drawn towards a handsome, mysterious guest who arrives at the Meryton Assembly with the Bingley party. The gentleman destroys her illusions by delivering an insult that turns him from Mr. Divinely Attractive to the Abominable Mr. Darcy.

While Elizabeth sets in motion her strategy for retaliation, Darcy plans to win the campaign being waged in the genteel drawing rooms of Hertfordshire. As more players from Jane Austen's beloved cast of characters enter the fray, complications arise–some with irreversible consequences. Can a truce be called before their hearts become casualties as well? How many times can two people go from enemies to friends and back again before it's too late?

What says I
I am a devoted fan of Jane Austen and her writings. Pride and Prejudice in its US movie format as well as BBC series format have my devoted praise. I am however apprehensive of variations. But then again, Romeo and Juliette's movie adaptation with Claire Danes and Leonardo Di Caprio was just amazing! I digress. Back to Jane Austen.
Being in the mood for a historic novel, The Abominable Mr Darcy was featured on Goodreads last week. I downloaded it and started reading. Apprehensively. But the author, Joy Dawn King, is amazing! Her writing just captivated me. Her formal way of writing and sketching the characters, their setting, the circumstances was just so vivid and real that I was hooked.
Miss King managed to bring Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett alive! Mr Darcy felt like so much more human to me than Jane Austen managed to do for me. Not only did Darcy and Elizabeth's story capture my heart but the honorable Colonel Richard and Charlotte Lucas. My heart always ached for those two characters in Miss Austen rendition. Miss King did them justice.
That brings me to Mr Collins. Now that is a sorry excuse for a man. I loath this character. In the movie, the series, the book. J Dawn King managed to make him and even more pompous prick, a fool without measure and despicable! Now that was buckets full of venom! Apologies for that.
All in all, loved this book. I seldom give ratings but this book deserves 10/5 stars. I loved the writer's style of word choice, I loved the characters. The setting stayed true to Jane Austen's book but Miss King brought it to life. She engineered loads of plot twists and kept pulling me deeper and deeper into the story.
The only down side to this book: it felt drawn out. But the curiosity she created in me, made the book too short. So this is not a too big down for me.
I also have to add that there were no excessive smooching. A kiss here on the cheek and there on the hand. I find sex in books disturbing. Especially in historic fiction. But graciously non here.

What says others
Austenesque Reviews agreed that the Colonel was just such a lovely improvement. You will find loads of reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and elsewhere. I've found some interviews with the lovely Ms King but very few interviews elsewhere.

Where to connect with the author
You will find Ms King at her website, Facebook, Goodreads and Fanfiction.

Where to find the book
I bought my copy on Amazon. But find it at Bookdepository or Audible for the audio book. I were unable to find it on Takealot for my South African readers.

And that is it from me.

Thanks for reading!