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Book I Read: Triffic a Rare Pig’s Tale by Dick King-Smith

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When young Triffic is not content to stay in her sty, but slips out and befriends Octavius, an elderly mule, the other animals at the Rare Breeds Survival Centre voice their disapproval. But soon this comic pairing of pig and mule begin to pull in the crowds.

What says I

Triffic a Rare Pig’s Tale by Dick King-Smith and Liz Graham-Yooll is a lovely book in the READ IT YOURSELF series. The story follows a baby pig born at the Rare Breeds Survival Centre. She is born to Teresa Tamworth and shares her birth date with her 5 brothers. For the other sows, it’s a tragedy that only 1 girl is born. Triffic is a sow of a difference though when she befriends the old run down mule Octavius. Their friendship opens up a new chapter for the old mule as well as the Rare Breeds Survival Centre.

This is a sweet book. The beauty of friendship is built out throughout the book. I love the fact that Triffic keeps to her friend’s side no matter what and old Octavius opening up his old, maybe even bitter heart for the little piglet.

This book is aimed at wee little ones or early readers. Our book was big print so little eyes can appreciate every letter. It’s a simple story with talking animals that think people are idiotic and talking people that think animals are idiotic. People, however, stand amazed at the odd friendship. Closer to the end of the book, the irresponsibility of smokers come to the light. I must admit, I thought that must have been the author’s aim to point out the selfishness and carelessness of smokers, especially in public areas.

What says others

Sadly this is not a widely read book in recent years. But it did make Maureen Owen’s list of favorites. This is a classic although 1994 is barely a classic, and that will be my reason why this little treasure is not more reviewed.

Where to connect with the author

Unfortunately, this amazing writer died 2011 after a very long life. He has the most beautiful website! He was the creator of The Sheep Pig which was turned into the movie Babe. A movie I quite loved. The Book Base share 7 facts I didn’t know about him.

Where to buy this book

Amazon has a previously loved edition available.

Abe Books has a copy

Bookdepository has none available

The edition we read:

Triffic a Rare Pig’s Tale by Dick King Smith

Illustrated by Liz Graham-Yooll

First Edition 1994 softcover

ISBN 0 575 05665 7

Published by Victor Gollancz, a Cassell imprint

Printed & bound by Dah Hua Printing Press Company Ltd in Hong Kong

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