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The novelty of school holidays have worn off again and I have some words I want to remember again. We usually read daily but the holidays hampered my routine a bit. We usually find many words not very common or familiar to us. Usually, I just grab the dictionary or add it to my personal register of words. (I am however trying to get rid of my paper notes) The WP app is always with me and it takes only a few seconds to type it up when I find it. Starting a while ago, I thought I’d build my record of words week by week here. Here are some more of our words that made me reach for the dictionary. Enjoy


  • (of people) behaving secretly and often dishonestly, or (of actions) done secretly and often dishonestly (The was something furtive about his behaviour and I couldn’t help but snap a picture of him leaving)


  • excited and eager to know or see more (eg. The little children waited agog for Santa to drop down the chimney)


  • a maniacal cry or laugh is wild and loud (eg. Maniacal laughter echoed through the haunted house)


  • the pleasant singing of a bird (eg. Cinderella woke to the warbling of birds)


    humorous reference to sing in especially a high voice (The soprano warbled on by herself while the stage help scurried around behind the curtains


  • difficult to do or needing a lot of effort (eg. Building your own business is a onerous affair)


  • (especially of a person) round or rounded in shape (Her rotund shape testified of a healthy apetite)


  • to talk or write about past experienced that you remember with pleasure (Grandfather reminisce about his years on the farm)


  • to stop something from happening or someone from doing something (eg. I thwarted the kiss by popping the sucker into my mouth)


  • able to produce the intended result (eg. The protest action proved efficacious to the abolishment of the offensive act)



  • a deep, narrow crack in rock or the earth (eg. water plunged down the fissure of rocks into the black gorge)


  • (specialised medical) a long, deep, narrow hollow area in a surface in the body, especially in the cerebral cortex = the surface of the brain


  • (specialised medical) a fault on the surface of a tooth

And that is it for my list of weird and wonderful words.

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Until next time!