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Book I Read: The Story of Little Babaji by Helen Bannerman

Description on Google Books
The classic tale follows a boy who outwits the proud tigers in the jungle–a story of courage and pancakes. Brought brilliantly to life with Marcellino’s high-spirited illustrations, this deluxe paperback edition is every bit as charming as the original hardcover edition.

What says I
This is a classic children’s book by a woman that lived in India for a very long time. Her little characters are vivid and resourceful. Also polite and mannered. Babaji made me appreciate the bravado of little boys that can do anything in their little minds no matter what the challenge. My boys loved imagining how the tigers played right into Babaji’s hands. It is important though to make our brave young guys understand that tigers don’t really do what we want them to do. They are wild animals! I know. I know. Us parents might know this, but little people need to be taught that.
This little book is ideal for a short read-aloud for very little people. I only read it to my boys when they were about 5 or 7 years old and I think they enjoyed it more. But they didn’t want to hear it more than 2 times. Mama obviously enjoyed it more…
I found a few articles about the racial aspect since the characters are portrayed as Indian. For me, it has nothing to do with race. It was a simple story that opened up a different culture and country from ours. It created the opportunity for a whole new educational experience. That is why Homeschool Share’s unit study linked below was such a blessing.
This is an ideal book for just cosy read-aloud or as a homeschool tool.

What says others
This is not a review but on Homeschool Share this little book is incorporated into a very extensive unit study for little people. Kirkus gave a terrible review… Publishers Weekly shared another honest review. Turtle and Robot made me feel happy about this little book again. Although the focus was very much on the illustrations which are really beautiful and captures the imagination of every little person. In The Kid Books Review, the reviewer shares a bit more about the update of the characters names.

Where to connect with the author
The writer has long since passed. She would have had a horrible time fighting off haters because of the racial interpretation of her books. It makes me sad. On Wikipedia is the basic info of her. The iSchool of Illinois has a little bit more flesh about the author.
I found this write up about the complexity of the racial politics of one of the writer’s other books called Little Black Sambo.

Where to buy this book
LibroVox has by the looks of it ALL of the author’s books in audio books!

And that is it from me for now
Until next time sweet peeps!

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