Wonderful Words

Words not used very often 01:02

Some more of our words that made me reach for the dictionary. Enjoy



  • (old-fashioned) in an angry or offended mood, and showing other people that you are angry (e.g. My son stomped away in high dudgeon.)



  • (approving) showing determination; not giving up easily (e.g. His dogged determination solved the mysterious murder.)


  • (rare, formal) the time that will come after the present and what will happen then (e.g. A vision of futurity.)


  • (formal) the stopping of something; a pause in something (e.g. The manager called for an immediate cessation of the illegal strike.)


  • unwilling to tell people about things (e.g. The child was reticent to divulge details of the molestation.)


  • immoral behavior involving sex, alcohol and drugs (e.g. The establishment was famous for the acts of debauchery.)


  • (written) behavior that shows that you respect somebody / something (e.g. In deference they removed their hats.)


  • (rare, formal) respect for somebody or someone or willingness to obey somebody; the act of bending your head or the upper part of your body in order to show respect for sonebody or something (e.g. The worshippers bend their heads in obeisance before the statue.)


  • a god of the woods, with a man’s face and body and a goat’s legs and horns (e.g. Mr Tomnis is actually a satyr and not a faun.)


  • (formal) the quality of seeming to be true or real (e.g. It is insperative that the characters have verisimilitude)


And that is it for my list of weird and wonderful words. I have 3 words with no definitions. 3! Do you know what the meanings are?

Until next time!