Wonderful Words

Words not used very often 01:01

I read daily with my kiddos and by myself. Maybe one day I can say the same about writing… We find many words not very common or familiar to us. Usually, I just grab the dictionary or add it to my personal register of words. I am however trying to get rid of my paper notes. The WP app is always with me and it will take a few seconds to type it up when I find it. Starting today, I thought I’ll build my record of words week by week here. What say you?


  • of a long time ago (eg. My parents love telling stories of yore)


  • the act of contriving something (disapproving) (eg. That attack was by contrivance and not coincidental.)


  • to give reasons why you think something is true (eg. She will give you enough facts to adduce the truth.)

This word made me wonder wat ‘deduce’ then would mean…so here is deduce


  • to reach an answer or a decision by thinking carefully about the known facts (eg. The scientist deduced that nothing could be done about the outbreak.)


  • temporarily quiet and not active (eg. After the unrest on campus, all was finally quiescent.)


  • (especially of a problem) so great or severe that it cannot be defeated or dealt with successfully (eg. The political situation was insuperable.)

Please share some of your unique or seldom used words with me on Twitter.

Until next time!

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