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Bookish Links #52

Halo there. Good to see you again.

I thought I’ll structure my Sunday posts a bit. You see, I am practicing designs for my newsletter! Yay! I decided to start looking into adding a newsletter option to my blog which I would love to build out into a website. So there, today will be my first slightly structured posts. Tell me what you think, anywhere where you can find me.

  • A book link:

The New York Times has a really funny ‘date’ column for book lovers looking for a ‘match’. In book form. Complete with an email address sending in requests. In this column Matchbook mentions some pretty impressive books! Worth a browse…

  • A literary link:

The British Library in London is planning major expansions! In this tech age, it makes me excited that institutions of literary greatness expand.

  • An author link:

This is not just one author but a few. I commend these authors for their research on various American women in history. The books are definitely aimed at kiddos but I’ve learned over the years that these make the most memorable moments with my men.

Now my actual author link… The author, Lorin R Robinson, compiled a collection of short stories about global warming in the book called The WarmingBookglow did an interview with Mr Robinson. Enjoy!

  • An author platform link:

I’ve been focusing on my author platform the past few weeks. In the process I realised that we forget the small things, like the business card or the email signature. Something else that many respected powers on the stage of author platform building focus on, a lot, is the email list. WPBeginner talks you through step by step in this list for the beginner WordPress blogger. I have much to learn.

  • A writers craft link:

Savvy Book Writers listed the most basic and probably the best advice here for writers. It is simple, yet incredibly difficult most times.

  • And something else…

Hooked to Books compiled a list of floor lamps. A good floor lamp in a reading hook is both functional and now fashionable. I personally love the revel floor lamp and the brightech floor lamp.

Now that is it for this week.

How do you like this format? Does it work for you? I like it and I think I will stick with this for the next 51 Bookish Links!

Until next time everybody


{None of the above are affiliate links. I get nothing for any of your clicks, but please support these lovely peeps in their en-devours}

Please leave a comment. I love hearing your experiences and opinions.

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