Bookish Links

Non-Bookish links #2

Halo again!

I hope your week is productive and effective thus far. I have time for a post, so I am better than great! I figured it is time for a non-bookish post. There is so much to share but I force myself to at least sometimes let articles slide. These however I would like to come back to.

  1. First up is an article about changes that a few people made and how it healed their diabetes! If I could have one wish in this world, it would be that we all live healthy lives with no disease and illness stealing from humankind. This gives me hope.
  2. I couldn’t this video about 1948 Simplicity sewing pattern advertisement! It is so funny and from a time long forgotten.
  3. Living in South Africa is an adventure to say the least. And it is soon becoming the norm worldwide. Race, language, age, gender and culture are always a sensitive subjectmatter.Harvard Business Review share some advice on how to argue across cultures.
  4. I’m a passionate word nerd! But I get sad when languages die out. Nigeria has a plethora of dialects and languages. It is changing at a rapid rate now and not for the best. Such a sad thing.
  5. And this week that past, I played starve,io with my boys! It was immense fun and took me quite a while to get the just of it. The objective is to survive cold, hunger and some predators. Add to that night which cools you down and resources to be collected in order to craft tools and luxuries, and the addiction level just escalates!
  6. I am desperately trying to learn Tswana and French. Not together but it has been a life long dream and currently a long term goal. Wired concludes that living in a foreign country and missing home is detrimental to ones ability to learn the new language. I can’t help but wonder what my excuse is! Maybe it is my longing to see the world…

And that is it for the week. I hope you find these links interesting. Until next time! Bye.

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