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Bookish links #51

Well good day to you lovely people out there. I’ve had a busy 2 months.

We moved house. Again. Joined Toastmasters Dainfern, finalised an audit, landed a 2nd part time job and got myself possibly included in a research group into an educational system implemented in the business world but not adopted for high school students. So sadly, little reading and even less writing happened. But here I am and I am glad to be here.

How about I share some links I thought you might also enjoy too?

  1. There is immense focus on the author platform. And we all focus on the Facebook and Twitter, website or blog but something as simple as business cards never make the list. The lovely Eddie Melson from The Write Conversation wrote this insightful post about 13 things authors could or should include on their business cards.
  2. I don’t have an email list yet. And the terrible thing is that I know how important it is! Darren Rowse from ProBlogger shares
  3. Now dialogue is always a sticky business. Jerry Jenkins shares tips on writing working dialogue. One thing I do agree is reading dialogue out loud. Close yourself in the room or bathroom or go for a walk and read the dialogue out loud so that your ears can hear it. I believe it really helps.
  4. Beta readers are gold! Pure gold. They add immense value and are generous with their advice. Alicia Rades narrowed down 5 tips on working with beta readers.
  5. It is difficult enough for me to keep my butt in the chair and write 500 words let alone in a bus or train! Kate Bond wrote a prize winning screenplay on her commute!! How awesome is that? I take my hat off for this Vancouver lawyer. Go girl!


That is it for now. Thanks for saying hi! Until next time.

Please leave a comment. I love hearing your experiences and opinions.

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