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Bookish links #49 digital vs traditional

Hi all

Thank you for visiting here. I published my first books on Amazon end of last year. It’s taken me years to figure out how I want to publish. In the process I read up too much I think but, o well. It’s done now. I share them here for one of you wanting to take the plunge as well. If you have other articles that helped you, please share them in the comments. And here they are:

  1. This is an older article but still very much helpful. Morgan Rice shared her views on self-publishing here.
  2. David Sable shared an article on LinkedIn that is very much close to my heart. As a mother of 2, I try to ignite a love for reading and books. Although they are totally technology junkies, I do find that they are more prone to cuddle with a paper book than an ebook of some sort. I myself avoided ebooks until about last year when I could lay my hands on free ebooks.
  3. The fabulous Joanna Penn shares an extensive comparison between traditional and self-publishing. She has experience in both sides of the coin.
  4. The Guardian boldly shared some truths that traditional publishing should know but seem to ignore.
  5. Another short transcript on Prezi about this subject that I wanted to remember.
  6. Kate D shared her thoughts as well.
  7. AuthorEarnings  shared a fascinating comparison of digital vs traditional publishing earnings. This is a report from 2014 and I think the picture might be more 50/50 now than then although the earnings still show a big divide. Another article that I couldn’t quite put my hands on, relayed that some stability has settled on the industry.
  8. Some common ground for both digital and traditional publishing.
  9. Chat eBooks compares digital and traditional publishing. Short summary.

This list is longer than my usual 5 links but I wanted to keep them all safe for future reference.

Thanks for visiting. Until next time.



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