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Non-bookish links #1

Good morning all,

well, my life consists of more things than books and writing…almost. You know by now I’m a serial reader and I read basically anything. So you can imagine all the other things I read. Maybe you find these helpful as well.


Low carb has been all the rage for quite some time. We stumbled onto the whole thing about 3 or 4 years ago when my hubby had some serious health issues. Initially the greatest warning I could find were about ketosis. As time passed I started struggling with some imbalances and I started really digging into it. Turns out, low carb too quickly, too much is really really really dangerous. Ketosis is the least of your problems so take it very slowly. In this article Dr Cate touches on thyroid problems that could be triggered by going low carb too quickly. But go read for yourself. Dr Cate on low carb and the thyroid

Now I love music. Any music. But I have a special place for classical music. As a homeschooling mama, there are frequent buzzwords or buzz thoughts going around, one thing was the effect of Mozart on the brain when kiddos study math. I’ve always thought that classical music is just plain awesome for the emotional well being of any person. And many rumors circulated a few years ago. The latest article I found is this one by Drs Ely and Adele.
My blog is terribly neglected…and you may agree with it. So from time to time I go on a guilty indulgence of finding blogging resources to whip it into shape. It’s going to be a matter of epic proportions when I start as this boy has never been in shape! Rachel Whojo is a special lady that has made a whole list of blogging resources
Now a scary phenomenon has started in my life. I am a very passionate runner. Road runner. Have been running since my pre-teens and are still going strong. It has come to my attention though that mothers should not be running…can you believe it. It is like cutting your long hair short when your children are born. How stale minded can a society be. Anyways, the other day a friend of mine, older friend, I should add, told me that it was time for her daughter to stop working as she wants to start with a family. I was a bit dumbstruck. I must admit. Then she went on to tell me that I should have stopped long ago! How in the world?!? Anyways, I did give her my opinion and what I think of it. Just to prove that I am not insane, I found this article soon after… Not only is it good for me, it’s good for my kiddos. Not that I am running marathons yet but hey, I enjoy the process to there…
And that is it from me for today. Have a great Sunday everybody. Chat with you later!

Please leave a comment. I love hearing your experiences and opinions.

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