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Bookish links #41

Welcome to my post for the week. I’ve read a bit confused this week…chaotic more like it but there is a bit of tips and tricks in the whole writing process and some punctuation and grammar. But I did find my last link the most fascinating!

  1. Isocolon: we use it more times than we realise. Here are a few rules about the use of the isocolon and 2 of its friends!
  2. 6 Steps to writing success I am reading, writing and dabbling in social media. I am looking for a
  3. Multi-tasking vs Multi-focusing. I am a terrible multi-tasker. Kristen Lamb explains the difference from a writer’s point of view.
  4. Guidance on punctuation. As a non-native English speaker, I thought my English were decent. Keeping in mind that I am homeschooling my children in English… And then one of my tutors told me that my English was pretty bad and that it will not be very successful in the, especially, British market… Rebecca Bradly the fabulous crime writer from the UK, share here a pretty cute book about punctuation. Which is a start in improving my English.
  5. The Daily Mail had this incredible insight into a few authors plotting and planning behind the scenes. I must admit that I tend to loose a bit of courage the longer I plot and plant on my stories. I am therefore a pantser…

Did you read any fascinating bookish and authorish related articles this week? Please share with me.

Until next time!

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