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Bookish links I enjoyed the past few weeks #39

Halo there!

Another week with some more writing related articles. This is a record for myself as well as maybe information you might need.

  1. I’m always trying to learn about creating real characters. Okay, as real as it could be. But this article suggests reading memoirs to learn about character, their motivations, etc. I thought this is a completely different way to learn about characters.
  2. There are a few different editors in the publishing world. Here is an article about developmental editors, what they do and what you should do.
  3. Natasha Lester published a thorough article about redrafting and rewriting a book. I always thought it means that you failed but it’s just a normal part of editing our work.
  4. Another encouraging blogpost about redrafting.
  5. I’ve never heard about the magic paragraph. Here is a very short post explaining it and sharing some examples.

Thanks for visiting. This was fun until next time. Have great fun with your families and friends over the holidays and we will meet next week again.



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