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Bookish links I enjoyed this past week #31

I am a serial reader and love non-fiction articles. For me to find it again and for you to enjoy, I’ll share it here weekly.

 1) Josh Weil shares a bit on introducing small elements in a timely manner instead of fabricating it when the need arises. It made me think of a character becoming bigger than his creator instead of the character doing what I want him to do…

 2) Elisabeth Weed writes a beautifully positive article for both agents and authors about the marketing side of publishing. She shares some hands on tips for marketing ones books. Loved it!
3) KM Weiland is specially gifted to instruct and guide writers. Here she shares 4 different types of conflict in dialogue.
4) I’ve only recently learned about the existence of Beta readers. Amanda Shofner shares an incredibly complete article here about the roll of Beta readers, the process, the value and just the blessing that they can be to ones story.
5) Karen Schravemade suggests 6 questions for ones first readers, to help the editing process along. I think it’s a good list to keep at hand for the Beta readers.


And that is it from me for this week. Did you have any bookish link that you would like to share? I would love to hear from you here in the comments or on my social media platforms.

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