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Mvuu Wilderness Lodge to celebrate 11 years…

Mvuu Wilderness Lodge to celebrate 11 years…
Liwonde National Park, Malawi

Liwonde National Park, Malawi

We are celebrating 11 years of married life and it just so happened that we were invited with friends to visit Mvuu Wilderness Lodge at the bottom of Lake Malawi. Very short notice, but we could book a lodge the week before.
Hubby had some work to finalise in Salima Friday, so we only left for the lodge on Saturday morning. Because we are now at the end of the wet season, the roads are not in a visitor friendly condition and are the guests transferred from Hippo View Lodge, outside of Liwonde, a town in the south of Malawi, to the Mvuu Wilderness Lodge in the Liwonde National Park.
Another bonus to mention is the fact that we could get this weekend on the ‘green’ special! Hehehe! Yes, everything is green. Other than the roads that are quite bad due to the rains, less animals are visible because water and food which is widely available.
We travelled via boat on the Shire River (pronounced Shiree River) for about 45 minutes to the lodge. Enroute to the lodge we saw loads of bird species amongs others the fish eagle. I love the fish eagle! Elephant, hippos and crocs. Not to mention nature in all its greenery, shapes and shades.
At the lodge we were greeted by staff members for a quick roll call and some other arrangements. Our famished bodies could not wait for the lunch waiting!! There were enough food, fresh and healthy. As a veggie, they catered so beautifully for me! I could choose and be filled to the brim. A bar is available for everything to drink or otherwise our waiter stood at the ready to serve us with water, coffee, tea or maybe something stronger.
Off to our rooms we stepped into luxurious bush chalet! It was beautiful! We even found a personalised, handwritten welcome note. The rooms for both hubby and I as well as the boys were spacious and functional. I love the wood, thatch and stones that are used everywhere in the chalet. Other than the toilet ring, one also had the ‘squatting behind the bush’ feel to the toilet! Hehehe! Being build up with stones and all…
The electricity at the lodge is solar and generator generated. Our guide, David, took some time to explain all of those workings to us. When to use which supply and how to do it.
Our view were magnificent! Stepping onto our undercover porch we had first rate view of the Shire River with hippos drifting in pods in and out of view.
We had game drives every one of the 3 days of our stay. And on Sunday we had a boat safari as well. The guides drive you all accross Mvuu, enabling the guests to see as many animals, birds and whatever tickles their fancies. After a good hour and a half on the 4×4 we had a cocktail or snack break where our drinks and snacks were served. We had coffee on morning early in the bush. Long shadows and dew still fresh on the plants. Loved it once more!
After a rainy night we had some slipping and sliding on our game drive as well. The roads are dangerously washed at places and our guide used great wisdom in choosing our route. Amids his selectiveness we still got slightly stuck. But after some tips and tricks between the experienced company members we came through and were on our way. That is something I would love to learn-navigating the roads with 4×4 vehicles.
The boys had some a great time. One time they went on a guided bush walk with some of the guides and trackers. They also visited an educational centre which I sadly never visited. But on another visit to Mvuu in the dry season I will most definitely visit it. There were all kinds of info available and they narrated their experience with great excitement. There are also a small play ‘park’ for the kiddos. It was absolutely precious to see all the children in the camp play together here. After meal times the parents would lounge in their lounge and the kiddos would lounge in another play area where a library for little people are always open. Among other books the Scolastic books and some Eyewitness books are also there. Many a time the little ones were ‘reading’ and coloring in here.
The curios shop is always open. Here we found some books about the black rhino sanctuary that we could sadly not visit since it is closed during the wet season. Some crafts and fabrics are also available for purchase.
We hope to go back in the near future. Hopefully to go pitch our tent…

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