Travel Adventures

NAMPO Harvest Festival…in pictures!!

Things with wings…


Amazingly small horses! Miniature horses imagine!


A Friesian horse…wow! A dream of ours…


Some prize winning sheep. Dorpers, merinos and many more. One day we’ll have some of our own and be able to do our own shearing, carding and spinning…we can dream…


Incredible wood furniture and just in case you are wondering the sign reads ‘skuur van houtvloere’ or in other words ‘sanding of wooden floors’…we need the numbers…


And then things with wheels! Any colour, shape and size. Doing all kinds of things. Bliss for little men’s hearts!


Just because we can fit into the wheels, we actually get into the wheels!!!


Open air museum of all kinds of home-made contraptions for many things and purposes! This is actually a pumpkin planter and while it’s being pulled behind a tractor seeds are fed at the top on a disc to drop down into the ground exactly the right distance apart. The boys had quite a crowd as they explored and tested it!

Open-mouthed smile


We were quite distraught to discover this tree sawed off…


And a little time of rest before we head home.


There is so much too see and this post will just get too long if we have to put everything down. Next year come visit! To read and stay up to day visit their website!

Until next time, enjoy!

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