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Highlands Mountain retreat, celebrating 10 years

Highlands Mountain retreat, celebrating 10 years
Golden Gate Highlands National Park, South Africa

Golden Gate Highlands National Park, South Africa

Celebrating our 10th year wedding anniversary, we decided to head to the mountains!

How better to celebrate an adventurous 10 years with a peaceful weekend.

Golden Gate Highlands National Park has great options.

We love breaking away with the boys. So yes, the boys joined us!

March is quite cool in the eastern Free State, especially in the highlands. And lighting the fire

were such a treat for the boys! For all of us…

The view from our cabin were breathtaking! We could touch the clouds! No really! When we

opened the curtains, we had the clouds rolling over our front porch. And the sun were hidden from

our eyes behind the thickest clouds.

We explored the beautiful surrounding landscape and could venture up the mountain. Awesome

view down the valley. We were blessed enough to have zebra walk past us, not more than 40 m

away. A herd of mountain reedbuck (I think) raced past us, up and over the mountain.

Another day we explored some of the hiking trails closer to the camping site. Since we have a

very young one in our family, we chose one of the shorter trails, the Eco Ravine. He did

surprisingly well and although he kept his big brother behind, both daddy and mommy are

really proud of him!

We only visited there a weekend, and we would love to be back, testing out the camping site.

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